Discernment or Judgment

There are so many ways to look at life, to live and to be. How can we believe in ALL THAT IS – God, and yet still believe that some things are not God?

Here is how I understand it. God is the entirety of everything. There is nothing that is not God. We live, move and have our Being in God. Everyone does. Yet, there are certain expressions that cause harm, and these harmful thoughts, destructive ways are created from choices that people make from their own free will. And, we can choose better.

We can use discernment when making decisions or choosing an action to take. We can utilize the storehouse of knowledge available to us, we can seek the inner guidance of our Soul, and we can feel instinctually what our body is telling us. When we rely on all of our Self – body, ego-mind and Soul, we become our Soul Self.

Let us break it down here: Discernment or Judgment

Is this something for my good?This is ‘bad’ for everyone and must be banned.
Will acting on this bring about highest good for all?This action is EVIL and must be punished.
I choose to express love and harmony.They are wicked and in need of chastisement.
I can allow others to choose for themselves.I must dictate what is right for all.
I will invite another to consider a different choice.I will condemn another for poor choices.
Self ResponsibilityMeddling in another’s affairs.

Can you see from this table that discernment allows for everything (free will choice), as God allows for everything. Whereas, judgment restricts, dictates, condemns and punishes?

People are asking how to be spiritual, how to reach enlightenment. To be allowing, like God, is a great start. Raising one’s consciousness to understand the deeper things of God is useful. We were not created to be puppets or machines that only follow the direction of a Controller. Where is the freedom in that?

Your Soul Purpose (Blueprint)

Soul Purpose (Blueprint)Every one of us is already fully equipped to live the life that we were meant to create for ourselves. It is within our blueprint, our Soul’s purpose, designed by us before we incarnated here on Earth. We only need uncover it. We are born spiritual already. And our Soul is connected to Source at all times. We awaken when we are ready.

Meditation is a spiritual tool that assists us to go deep enough within our Selves to reach the wisdom of our Soul. Once we do this, our lives seem to unfold graciously, as if by God. Hiring a Coach can be beneficial to our growth process. They have made it through themselves and are primed and ready to assist others up the ladder.

Whatever way you choose for yourself, use discernment; and allow others to choose for them. This is being spiritual in your personal development.